Thursday, September 5, 2013

So What's in a Name, Anyway?

Wondering why I named my blog "Murphy's Law?  Here, this may explain it...

It may sound silly, but one of the the hardest things I've left behind as I say goodbye to the TV world, is my maiden name.  Most women (I think?)  look forward to the day they get married and take on their husbands name.  It's fun.  It's exciting.  It's something new!  I remember when I was younger, I would mess around signing my name with the last name of my current boyfriend at the time.  It all seemed so nonchalant back then, but taking on a new last name IS a big deal, at least to me.

On October 30th, 2010 I married Mike and legally changed my name to Cunningham .  Thankfully it's a good, solid last name.  It's easy to spell, easy to pronounce and I could finally get an Eagles Jersey that would never go out of style.(Thanks to my brother, I now sport Randall Cunningham's jersey every Sunday)  I was excited to become a Cunningham.  I'm lucky, Shannon Cunningham even sounds good!  But the idea of giving up my maiden name didn't hit me until recently, because for the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage, I didn't have to.

I think at first, Mike was a little disappointed when I told him I was going to keep my name Shannon Murphy for work.  I was already somewhat established in my career when I got married, so I didn't want to confuse viewers by changing my name (at least that was my excuse).  It was also a way I could stay incognito out in public.  He, as always, was super understanding although I don't believe it was the outcome he would have chosen.

So there I was, essentially living two lives.  At work, I was Shannon Murphy.  I had my "Shannon Murphy" fan page on facebook and my "Murphys Law" twitter account.  I was to a lot of people, still Shannon Murphy and I took pride in that.   I remember after I had the boys, a viewer wrote me a really sweet email which read, "Congratulations on the birth of Case and Colt Murphy!"  I didn't have the will to correct him, OR the heart to tell my husband!

Then at home, I was Shannon Cunningham.  Wife to Mike and Mother of Case and Colt.  Two roles that Shannon Murphy could never top.

But now, I have no more excuses to live two lives. I don't have viewers who recognize me or my name anymore.  There is technically no more reasons to keep Murphy (except for this blog!).  Everything in my life is now streamlined from work to home, which on a positive note, is less confusing!  I am Shannon Taylor Cunningham.  Although I KNOW there is so much to be proud of in Cunningham, I still feel like I lost a little piece of myself.  You all know, it's not about the name.  It's about what you make of your name.

Although I've been a Cunningham legally for almost three years, it feels like I'm starting over.  I'm in a new town, in a new job and in a new role with a "new last name".   But isn't that also half the fun?  It means, a new exciting journey lies ahead.  It's all what Shannon Cunningham makes of it!

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